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Watch College Park events live!

Starting this year, you can watch select College Park worship services and events live. College Park is venturing into an exciting new time for congregation engagement! Stay tuned for more details and new live broadcasting events.

Re:Creation services are broadcasted live every Sunday starting at 9am. Scroll down to watch.

College Park Softball games are broadcasted live. Scroll down to watch.

Special worship services are broadcasted live. Scroll down to watch Music Sunday 2017.

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Watch Softball games Live!

You can now watch select softball games live! You can view past games and see the upcoming live broadcast sechedule for softball games below!


Live Schedule

Gold vs. Ardmore  --  June 26 at 7:30pm

Gold vs. Burkhead  --  June 26 at 8:30pm




Watch Again

Our Re:Creation service

Our Re:Creation service

Watch Re:Creation services live!

Re:Creation services are broadcasted live every Sunday starting at 9am. Look below for upcoming broadcasts and watch older services again!

UPDATE: We are currently not live broadcasting Re:Creation due to technical reasons, we hope to be back up live broadcasting Re:Creation by September. To watch past services, click here.




Watch Again


Re:Creation service  --  May 28, 2017

Watch Special Events and Services

Watch special events and worship services below from College Park Baptist Church.


Music Sunday 2017

Volunteer with us.

The College Park Media Ministry is needing some help! After all this expansion, we are looking for individuals to help us with live broadcasting events. We are looking for camera operators, audio/visual technicians, and live commentators for sport events.

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