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What is SPARK?

SPARK stands for Serving at the Park. Wednesday nights have always been our church's Wednesday's family night, we decided to expand this night to incorporate most of our mission groups. We believe that a church should reach out to its community, to minister and proclaim the promise that God has given us. SPARK serves us as well as our community. Please come and join us on Wednesday Nights.

All of our students and parents get involved with a mission project. Our children have multiple groups designed to do mission projects and we have very talented adults that run these. Our youth all meet for a weekly lesson and then every month we go to the Winston Salem Bus Station and hand out water and crackers and pray for the bus riders. Our Bus Station Ministry has brought members and regular attendees to College Park. We invite you to come and join us. First time guests and college students eat Wednesday Night Supper FREE!


What's it like?

SPARK has a very inviting atmosphere for all ages. We want every child and youth to help us serve our church, our community, and our city through mission projects. Our church is a very mission-oriented community. You can view photos from SPARK events.


Got questions?

If we didn't address your needs on this webpage and information packets, you can email us! Our email address is