How to join our church

We hope you will join our fellowship.

If you would like to join College Park, you may approach the pastor or worship leader at the conclusion of any worship service and express your desire to join us. There is usually an invitation from the pastor or worship leader just before the last hymn.

The condition for membership is that you accept Jesus Christ as your savior. We believe that church membership should be restricted to believers.

Following the church service, you will be greeted by our members in attendance and welcomed into our fellowship. You will subsequently meet with our pastor for consultation and orientation. Membership is bestowed by a majority vote of the congregation at the quarterly church conference.

Baptism is an ordinance we observe upon joining our church. Through baptism we declare outwardly an inner transformation that has already occurred by our accepting Christ. If you previously underwent believer's baptism -- baptism following your accepting Jesus as savior -- then we do not ask that you be baptized again at College Park. If you have not been baptized as a believer, then we will work with you to schedule a baptism at a worship service in the near future. Usually several new members will be baptized at the same service.

You may wish to contact our pastor, Rev. Ramon Smith, with any questions you have about the process of joining the church or the meaning of baptism.