College Park's Family Ministry exists to proclaim Christ in an engaging, relevant way as we call people of every age to worship God, serve Him daily, and share His love with the world.

College Park's mission is to be a people gathered in Christ, nurtured in his Spirit, and sent in His Name. College Park is a church where people are nurtured and trained in Christian values. We proclaim the Good News in mean of worship, ministry, and fellowship. All ages, generations, and diverse backgrounds are welcome. We challenge all our members to grow as Christians. Our church reaches out to our community to proclaim the promise that God has given us. We welcome you to join us in worship and fellowship.



Free this weekend? Join us in church!

We welcome people of all backgrounds to join us in worship! We have two Sunday Services that you can attend:

Our Re:Creation service is at 9:00am every Sunday in Smith Hall. Re:Creation is a chance to learn more about God's incredible creation...including us! We don't have all of the answers...we are just searching together, and we invite you to join us in the journey! Our in-house cafe (B&B Cafe) opens at 8:45am and food, coffee, and other drinks are provided free of charge (donations are welcome). Come join us for fellowship and worship. For more information, go to www.Re-Creation.ws.

Our Traditional Worship service is a mix of both traditional and contemporary worship elements. We believe God continues to speak throughout His creation. Our sanctuary serves as a perfect meeting place for God and His people. Join us at 11:00am on Sundays in our Sanctuary. For more information, go to www.CollegePark.ws.


Bible Study and Prayer Groups

Our Bible Study groups meet at 10:00am every Sunday. This is an opportunity to connect and grow with people as you learn the Good News and how to minister and spread it. We would love for you to join us. There are multiple groups that you can visit. To find out more information or to join a group, please email one of our Pastors.

We have Prayer Groups that you can grow along side and pray with. Our Weekly Prayer Meeting is on Wednesday nights at 6:45pm in Smith Hall. We also have supper at 6:00pm before the Prayer Meeting (First Time Guests and College students eat free!). Our Youth Ministry has a weekly Prayer Breakfast at 8:00am on Tuesdays at Bojangles.


Get Connected

To stay connected, we highly recommend that you check our website often and sign up for our Email Newsletters. You can also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. For other questions, email our Family Ministry.