We love both kids and safety.

To ensure the best of both we require all preschool age children to be checked in.

We have two check-in stations. Both are located in the Gym Lobby, at the Church Main Entrance. Please check-in your preschool-aged children here. We love kids and safety and we want to ensure that your kids will we safe with us!

To begin, check in at one of the two stations. Then peel one of the labels and put it on the back of your child. Then take your child to his/her class on Level Two of the Education Building. When it is time to pick your child back up, take the other label you got at the check in station and give it to the volunteer worker in your child's class and the volunteer will return your child to you. We want to ensure your child's safety, and this is one procedure of how we accomplish this.


It's a new day at College Park with ShelbyNext!

ShelbyNext is bringing many new forms of communication and ministry opportunities to College Park. One of these is mobile check-in for events and services. Once fully rolled out, you will be able to check-in your child to an event right from your mobile device or online. We are currently tweaking aspects of this new feature. Once fully finished we will roll it out in the next few months. Stay tuned for more information.

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